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Putting Working Families First

My name is Emiliano Vera, and I’m running for State Representative for the 93rd District.

I grew up in Western Illinois. As the child of a working-class single mom, growing up wasn’t always easy. She worked multiple jobs and went to school to give my sister and I a better life. But we didn’t do it all alone. My community, especially my teachers, supported me all the way through. And I made sure to volunteer - through my church, Rotary, FFA – to give back.

After college, I wanted to come back to the community that had loved and supported me. But I came back to a community in trouble. Many of my classmates had decided to start their lives and families somewhere else – around the state, or many left Illinois altogether. With $3 in my bank account, I had trouble finding a job, even with a degree. In my job search, people asked me, “why did you come back? We expect you to go somewhere.”


Hearing that crushed me. Western Illinois should be a place where you can grow up, stay in, and come back to with pride. We should be able to make a decent living and build a life for ourselves and our families. I believe in my community, because my community believed in me.


Join me, because I know that together we can build a community that works for working people.


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